"Without horses we would be nothing!!"

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Equines Rest Equestrian Centre

”Horses is our passion... our way of living….

Equines Rest Equestrian Centre are a husband and wife team that have been involved and around horses for over 36 years, Schooling, training, riding, breeding horses that is suitable to be used in Horse Assisted Programs as Therapy Horses and are ultimate horse lovers.

He is a non competitive natural rider and horse trainer that like to spend hours in the saddle love to do Trail Rides over longer distances on the old ox wagon and forgotten routes sleeping under the stars next to your horse with the ability and confidence to ride over any terrain.

Natural Training

Schooling horses in our unique and gentle way without ropes or cruel methods.... our horses are a typical example of the “type” of horse that you get with natural training.

Playing confidence games with our horses to improve both the horse’s and rider’s confidence and trust levels.

Equine Safety

If you are a real Horse Lover or perhaps... the parent of a child that owns or ride a horse do you really know what can go wrong… and how to prevent accidents from happening?

“Horses don’t kill or hurt us intentionally but through pure instinct and reaction” even as an ”older” rider do you really know how and what horses think and why they react or behave like they do?

Our training material consisting of 113 + Modules has been developed by a Horse Lover & Natural Trainer – ex Mounted Policeman, Instructor, Registered Occupational Health and Safety Professional Human & Animal Behaviour Specialist.

God's Gift

Horse Camps

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Equines Rest consist of two privately owned horse studs.


Is a registered Non-Profit Organization with Registration No 2015/197717/08

Established 2015

However being doing Animal Assisted Therapy for 36 years.

Based near

Cape Town South Africa.


Cell Martha:

Cell Harry:


There is NO GREATER GIFT from GOD than what we have received… to be able to work with and understand animals… and see what they do in turn to children…. that walk in and out of our  life’s…!!!

We do have organized horse camps on a monthly basis if our current facilities lean itself to it.

Our camps is about horses and their behavior and about leadership.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of men.....”





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