"Without horses we would be nothing!!"

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Equines Rest Equestrian Centre

"where horses can just be horses''

Equines Rest Equestrian Centre known as the place "where horses can just be horses''.... we focus on Equine Safety / Natural Horsemanship & Relationship Training. We use our South African Boerperd's and Miniature Horses for the smaller horse lovers to demonstrate various ways to practice true horsemanship with a kind yet firm voice and a soft hand. You need to practice only three things, patience, observation and humility to become a good horseman.

If you are a real Horse Lover or perhaps... the parent of a child that owns or ride a horse do you really know what can go wrong… and how to prevent accidents from happening?

There is NO GREATER GIFT from GOD than what we have received…  to be able to work with and understand animals… and see what they do in turn to children…. that walk in and out of our  lifes…!!!

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Miniature Stallion

We have a very small three year old miniature stallion visiting to cover our mares for the next season.

Let people in wheelchairs ride....


Equines Rest Equestrian Centre, sponsor their horses and dedicate all their efforts to assist HorseABCD.org a Non-Profit Organization. They do Animal Assisted Therapy for children using cats, dogs and horses in their programs.

Equines Rest Equestrian Centre, breeds and school, Therapy Horses on a small scale and all our horses from the small miniatures to the bigger SA Boerperd’s (indigenous to South Africa) is specially schooled and has exelent natures idealy suited for Horse Assited Programs.

It is HorseABCD.org’s dream to establish an one of a kind Horse Therapy Centre on their own property. Since they have been involved with Horse Assisted Programs or rather Animal Assisted Programs for 36 years out of the sallary of one person.

HorseABCD however need to aquire its own property to make this dream, a reality come true.

They have a suitable property in mind but will require doner fundng.


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